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Audirvana tidal voucher free

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[Can’t get the 3 Free Months for Tidal & Qobuz – Windows Installation – Audirvana

Album title, artists, image, rating can be modified in the Album metadata editor.


Audirvana tidal voucher free. TempoTec Audio


Thank for your purchase of Audirvana Plus, the audiophile player that we hope will give you great musical moments with your Mac, giving you the Sound of Your Dreams. Quick Start Guide Main Window Metadata ediEng Legacy перейти integrated mode User Preferences Quick Start Guide The first time you launch Audirvana Plus, you get a wizard dialog helping you to quickly and easily make the initial setup to get started:.

Select the Audio Device you want to use for playback. Note that it needs to be connected for being in the list. Select the folders that contains your music to get it imported in Audirvana Plus. It is better to limit the number of folders in this list by selecting « parent » folders that contains a hierarchy of music folders, instead of selecting each individual album folder. You can also ffee import the contents of your iTunes music library by clicking on « Sync » in the 2nd method section.

This is needed only if you have playlists in iTunes you want to import as well. Click Next to go to the next page. Login into your streaming service. To subscribe for the service, see directly with the service qobuz. Click on Next to complete the initial setup. Click on Close. Детальнее на этой странице Plus main window is composed of 4 zones: 1.

Top: The transport controls e. Play, Pause, Next and currently playing track info 2. Left: The Play Queue list of tracks currently playingthe whole Music library, and the hierarchical list of playlists 3. Center: The albums, or tracks list view of the item selected on the left 4.

Right: If visible, the metadata editor of the selected item s in the center. TimeMachine, Spotlight, Note that this one is not enabled by default. This button becomes a pause button when playing.

Keyboard shortcut: Space. Pause: Pause the playback. This exactly means output silence to voucehr device, and pause playback. Please note the audio device is still active and fully controlled by Audirvana Plus. This button becomes a resume button Play icon when in pause mode. Stop: Fully stop audio playback, основываясь на этих данных the audio device, and restore the deactivated OSX services.

Ovucher these buttons is the volume slider to control the audio volume level. If the device provides no volume remote control and dithered volume control is not enabled in user preferences, the volume control slider is not shown. The currently playing track info is composed of: – The album cover art thumbnail when available.

Clicking on the image opens a popup window with the full scale image of the album art. Time information is given on the audirvana tidal voucher free line: – Elapsed time in minutes:seconds on the left – Track total duration or remaining time on the right, switching between the two is done by clicking on it – The graphical cursor moving from left to right, representing the current play position o Dragging the playing position cursor or clicking directly on a voucherr position makes the playback seek to this position.

Best possible quality. Audirvana tidal voucher free vocuher automatically stopped on minute after playback has been fully stopped. Playlists Hierarchical list of folders audirvana tidal voucher free playlists.

The playlists can be reordered in the hierarchy using drag and drop operation. These criteria are defined in the window that pops up. Note that only the playlist tracks found in the library will be in the newly created playlist o Edit Smart Playlist: Pops up the window to edit vouhcer criteria to select the tracks that are in the selected playlist o Delete Playlist: removes the selected playlist o Export playlist…: Saves in a playlist file M3U format references to the tracks in the playlist to be exported.

Adding tracks to the Play Queue Any track, playlist, tkdal can be added to the vouucher of the Play Queue by drag and dropping them on “Play Queue” on the list on the left audirvana tidal voucher free the main window Double clicking on a track, продолжение здесь will start playback with it, replacing the Play Queue with: – the album tracks when double clicking on an album, audirvana tidal voucher free a track in an album in album view mode – the playlist or whole library tracks when double clicking on a track in tracks list view mode.

The Play Queue can be reordered by drag and dropping tracks to their new place in audirvana tidal voucher free queue. In addition, tracks from outside the library can be directly added to the Play Queue. Just drag tracks from iTunes, or files, playlists. These tracks are not added to the library, they are just in the Play Queue.

The tracks are shown in a list view, with the displayed columns as selected by the user. Doing this will add the column as the first sort criteria in the order audievana by the small arrow. In this view Options window, the list shows the sort criteria by decreasing order of priority. The priorities can be audirvana tidal voucher free by dragging sort criteria to their new place. Audirvana tidal voucher free structured audirvana tidal voucher free is made auxirvana successive filters, ordered from left to right.

The items selected in the first filter give a filtered list of tracks that provide the values for the second criteria. And so on for the next ones. So this enables to narrow the search by successive steps. Audirvxna so on Selecting a blank criterion disables the specific filter, and is the equivalent of selecting the “All …” line in the values of the filter. DeleEng tracks Vouchher pressing the Backspace key, the selected tracks are moved to the recycle bin of Audirvana Plus.

This also removes the track from any playlist it was referenced in. The corresponding audio files are untouched, but their tracks are no more visible in the library, except by view the Recycle audirvana tidal voucher free. Albums view The albums view presents the albums by their front cover image also called album artwork when available, with their title, and below the album artist or composer as selected in audirvana tidal voucher free view options.

The size of the front cover image is adjustable with the slider located at the bottom left of this view. The album front cover image can be modified by dropping an image on the audirvana tidal voucher free displayed one either in the albums collection view, or in the album tracks view The audirvana tidal voucher free buttons located at the bottom right are visible when grouping is enabled see below for more.

And these metadata are used throughout Audirvana Plus to filter and sort on album information. Some audio files may be missing album metadata information e. They are grouped by folders into albums that use the folder name as title, and the folder parent vouchef as artist name. This enables all to use all the display, navigation and search features with them.

Metadata is saved into the audio files when editing it. Album vigneUe acEons By moving the mouse over an album vignette, three active controls are revealed:.

Clicking on it audirvana tidal voucher free playback if this is the currently playing album, or starts playing back this album otherwise. The tracks list is sorted by track number and the rows audirvana tidal voucher free grouped according to the “Grouping” or musical piece information.

This enables to quickly see the pieces and their movements e. When different composers are on the same album, the composer is displayed inside parentheses on the “Grouping” row. Dragging a grouping row to the Play Queue or a audirvana tidal voucher free will take all audirvana tidal voucher free tracks inside the grouping.

Clicking on it will change the album rating. Note that to set rating of value 0, the easiest way is to drag the value with the mouse to the left like if it was a cursor. The behavior of the album tracks list is otherwise the same as the general tracks list view. As vouche audirvana tidal voucher free tracks list view, the sort order of the albums can be configured in the list presenting the sort criteria by decreasing order of priority. The second line audirvana tidal voucher free the album front cover image can be chosen between the album artist, the artist, and the composer note that in case of an album with different composers, only one of the composers посетить страницу artist is displayed In addition, the first sort criteria can be used to split the album list in groups, by selecting the “Automatically group albums using the first criteria” option.

This gives a view of albums as shown below:. Each group can be collapsed, showing only the group title with the number of albums in it, or expanded to reveal the albums of the group by ausirvana on the arrow on the left of the group title line. All groups can be foucher at once or expanded by clicking on one of the two buttons located at the bottom right vouchrr the view.

Note that albums audirvana tidal voucher free have tracks belonging to different groups will be audirvana tidal voucher free among those groups.

Switching views, highlighEng playing track Switching between view types audirvana tidal voucher free or album is done by selecting the view type by clicking on the wished one as shown below:. In any view, the currently playing track can be highlighted when present in the currently viewed playlist by using the “Scroll to playing track” command of the View menu, or using Cmd L audirvana tidal voucher free.

It presents the list of tracks that have been deleted from the library see Deleting tracks for how tosorted by album and track number. Читать больше tracks back to the library By clicking on “Restore selected tracks” button, the selected tracks will be placed back into the library.

DeleEng permanently tracks By pressing on the “Delete selected audio files” смотрите подробнее, the audio files corresponding to the selected tracks will be deleted from disk. Warning: For local volumes this will mean the audio files are moved to the trash, but for network shares, the audio files will be deleted permanently.

An additional warning message will ask to confirm this permanent, not undoable operation. Please note that some audio files may contain several tracks e. In this case, deleting permanently the audio file will remove all of its tracks from the database.

This is stated in a special warning message as shown in the example below:. Metadata ediEng The metadata for a track, multiple tracks at a time, and an album can be edited by using the “Show Metadata” command of the View menu or Cmd I shortcut. This opens the metadata editor panel on the right of Audirvana Plus window, displaying the metadata of the viucher items.

Its contents are updated when the selection e. So the metadata panel can be used to show the detailed metadata of a track or albumeven when not audirvana tidal voucher free to edit it.

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