Critical Skills Visa South Africa

About South Africa

It has diversified geography, great natural beauty, and cultural diversity, it makes South Africa one of the most interesting countries in the world. South Africa was voted as 5th most beautiful country in the world (Year 2017)! Today, South Africa is home to the over 1.3 million people of Indian origin. English is spoken everywhere in the country. Communications/IT Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa.

Critical Skills Visa South Africa

Why South Africa is best for skilled professionals?

The South Africa has so much of semi-skilled and unskilled workers; skilled international professionals are welcome in the country. South Africa is the 2nd biggest economy and most industrialized country in Africa. It is world leader in mining and mineral processing. Vehicle industry, Agriculture, Finance services, and Banking are other major sectors in South Africa. Check following details if you are aiming for Critical Skills Visa South Africa (CSWV).

Critical Skills Visa South Africa (CSV)


  • You don’t need confirmed employment to enter in South Africa.
  • Initially 12 months Visa is given, (it is extendable as per the authority).
  • You need to find out work within Visa granted time period.
  • Then Visa can be extended for up to 5 years.
  • No certificate is required from the Department of labour
  • No restrictions on travel in and out of South Africa
  • Upon receipt of permanent employment offer, immediately qualify for permanent resident visa


  • Minimum graduation
  • Occupation / Skills should be in demand
  • Valid job offer in hand

How it works for you?

  • Step 1 – Check your eligibility
  • Step 2 – Register with us
  • Step 3 – Submission of documents for scrutiny
  • Step 4 – Apply for qualification Assessment
  • Step 5 – Apply for visa and get the approval

Our Service & Process Includes

  • Resume writing
  • Job search assistance
  • Documents checklist
  • Complete application processing assistance
  • Forms, documentation & petition filing
  • Guidance on key documentation requirement
  • Visa interview preparation, if required 
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Relocation orientation
  • Insurance assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Pre/Post departure guidance
  • FOREX assistance

States in South Africa

Eastern Cape

Western Cape

North West

Northern Cape

Free State





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