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We AMS Pinnacle Visas is one of the most trusted consultants that provides excellent services to the customers who wants to set up their businesses, enter joint ventures, or invest in highly reliable projects in UK, USA, Canada, and Europe. We help our clients to fulfill their dream of becoming global businessman. After detailed analysis by our experts we advice all types of possible opportunities in Existing Businesses, Real Estates, and Government Bonds to our clients. We introduce our clients to various business opportunities in various parts of the world.

We are authorized partner of CBIS (Cosmic Business Initiation Services). It is renowned company that provides professional services in coordination with business associates, lawyers, consultants, corporations, firms and other entities, to the clients wanting to establish their businesses, enter joint ventures, or invest in highly secure projects in USA, UK, Canada, Europe.


Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world located in North America.

Why Choose Canada?

  • The Canadian economy is stable
  • Canada has a highly skilled workforce
  • According to World Bank the Canada is the 3rd best place to start a business in the world


United States is one of the most advised countries for making business investment.

Why choose United States?

  • It is one of the largest consumer markets globally
  • Ease of doing business
  • Innovative and skilled workforce


The European Union considers FDI not just as an investment but as a way to promote economic and social development.

Why Choose Europe?

  • Free trade among the EU member countries
  • Economic policies of the EU make it one of the best trading destinations in the world.
  • Abundant natural resources and ever increasing sectors make Europe one of the most preferred destinations for investment in the world today.


The United Kingdom is the 6th largest national economy in the world, but it houses the world’s biggest financial center close to New York

Why choose United Kingdom?

  • Very stable and liquid for investors
  • Less riskier financial market than in rest of the world
  • London has the most advanced financial market in the world next to NY

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands is one of the most sought after destinations for tourists from around the globe.

Why choose Caribbean Islands
  • Visa Free Travel: Caribbean Islands are members of the British Commonwealth because of which you can travel to nearly 130 countries visa free.
  • Caribbean Islands is major tourist hub. Tourist industry is highly profitable.
  • Caribbean countries provide complete security to you and your family members as citizens and of the property owned by you.

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