Red White Red Card Austria (RWR)

About Austria

This country is completely beautiful wherever you go! You will get fascinated by its culture; it is influenced by its present and past neighbors (Italy, Poland, Germany, Hungary). Austria is famous for its palaces, castles, and architectural works. Austria has a temperate and alpine climate, it is cold around −10 to 0 °C in the winter, summer temperatures can be relatively high and adequate precipitation. In Austria, German is a national official language and around 73% people can speak English. Austria is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Vienna is Austria’s capital and largest city.


Connection with India

Indians constitutes more than 0.15% of the population of Austria. India has had warm relations with Austria, both countries shares a history of friendly relations (both, economic and diplomatic). In India and Austria there have been a large number of collaborations, technology transfers and joint ventures in the fields of steel, manufacturing technology, railway and transport, equipment, metallurgy and so on.

Why Austria is best for skilled professionals?

The stable economy and good salary is among the reasons why people like to migrate in Austria. If you are a skilled computer specialist, there are many job opportunities (German speaking people have better chances to get employment in Austria). The Austrian economic structure is dominated by small and medium enterprises. Top industries includes Food industries, Steel and Machine industry, Chemical industry, Vehicle industry, Electronic and Electric industry, Wood and Paper industry.

Red White Red Card Austria (RWR)


  • The Red White Red Card Austria is being issued for temporary settlement and seek employment who has an intention to settle permanently in Austria
  • It is valid for a period of two years
  • If the holder Red White Red Card Austria lives for 5 years in Austria, he or she gets qualified to apply for a Permanent Residence in the country. (So applicant can get citizenship in due time)


  • Very highly qualified workers.
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations.
  • Other key workers
  • Graduates of Austrian universities and colleges of higher education.
  • Self-employment key workers

How it works for you?

  • Step 1 – Check your eligibility
  • Step 2 – Register with us
  • Step 3 – Submit documents to us as guided for scrutiny to us
  • Step 4 – Submit application to the nearest Austria embassy / VFS / Consulate and pay the applicable fees
  • Step 5 – Attestation of documents / buy insurance
  • Step 6 – Get your visa grant

Our Service & Process Includes

  • Resume writing
  • Job search assistance
  • Documents checklist
  • Complete application processing assistance
  • Forms, documentation & petition filing
  • Guidance on key documentation requirement
  • Visa interview preparation, if required 
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Relocation orientation
  • Insurance assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Pre/Post departure guidance
  • FOREX assistance

States in Austria

Lower Austria




Upper Austria







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