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Windows speech recognition engine download

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Windows speech recognition engine download


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Speech recognition is made up of a speech runtime, recognition APIs for programming the runtime, ready-to-use grammars for dictation and web search, and a default system UI that helps users discover and use speech recognition features. To support speech recognition with your app, the user must connect and enable a microphone on their device, and accept the Microsoft Privacy Policy granting permission for your app to use it.

To automatically prompt the user with a system dialog requesting permission to access and use the microphone’s audio feed example from the Speech recognition and speech synthesis sample shown below , just set the Microphone device capability in the App package manifest. For more detail, see App capability declarations. However, as the user can choose to turn this setting off at any time, you should confirm that your app has access to the microphone before attempting to use it.

This snippet shows how your app can check if a microphone is present and if it has permission to use it. A constraint defines the words and phrases vocabulary that an app recognizes in speech input. Constraints are at the core of speech recognition and give your app greater control over the accuracy of speech recognition. Predefined dictation and web-search grammars provide speech recognition for your app without requiring you to author a grammar.

When using these grammars, speech recognition is performed by a remote web service and the results are returned to the device. The default free-text dictation grammar can recognize most words and phrases that a user can say in a particular language, and is optimized to recognize short phrases. The predefined dictation grammar is used if you don’t specify any constraints for your SpeechRecognizer object. Free-text dictation is useful when you don’t want to limit the kinds of things a user can say.

Typical uses include creating notes or dictating the content for a message. The web-search grammar, like a dictation grammar, contains a large number of words and phrases that a user might say. However, it is optimized to recognize terms that people typically use when searching the web. Because predefined dictation and web-search grammars can be large, and because they are online not on the device , performance might not be as fast as with a custom grammar installed on the device.

These predefined grammars can be used to recognize up to 10 seconds of speech input and require no authoring effort on your part. However, they do require a connection to a network. See Exception handling for in C or Visual Basic. We then catch any standard exceptions during recogntion and test if the HResult value is equal to the value of the HResultPrivacyStatementDeclined variable. If so, we display a warning and call await Windows. LaunchUriAsync new Uri “ms-settings:privacy-accounts” ; to open the Settings page.

See SpeechRecognitionTopicConstraint. Programmatic list constraints provide a lightweight approach to creating simple grammars using a list of words or phrases. A list constraint works well for recognizing short, distinct phrases.

Explicitly specifying all words in a grammar also improves recognition accuracy, as the speech recognition engine must only process speech to confirm a match. The list can also be programmatically updated. A list constraint consists of an array of strings that represents speech input that your app will accept for a recognition operation. You can create a list constraint in your app by creating a speech-recognition list-constraint object and passing an array of strings.

Then, add that object to the constraints collection of the recognizer. Recognition is successful when the speech recognizer recognizes any one of the strings in the array. See SpeechRecognitionListConstraint. An SRGS grammar provides the greatest control over the speech recognition experience by letting you capture multiple semantic meanings in a single recognition.

For more detail, see Activate a foreground app with voice commands through Cortana. Note The type of constraint type you use depends on the complexity of the recognition experience you want to create. Any could be the best choice for a specific recognition task, and you might find uses for all types of constraints in your app.

To get started with constraints, see Define custom recognition constraints. The predefined Universal Windows app dictation grammar recognizes most words and short phrases in a language. It is activated by default when a speech recognizer object is instantiated without custom constraints. When your app attempts speech recognition by calling SpeechRecognizer. RecognizeWithUIAsync , several screens are shown in the following order.

If you’re using a constraint based on a list of words or phrases, or a constraint based on a SRGS grammar file:. The following image shows an example of the flow between screens for a speech recognizer that uses a constraint based on a SRGS grammar file.

In this example, speech recognition was successful. The Listening screen can provide examples of words or phrases that the app can recognize.

UIOptions property to customize content on the Listening screen. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Note Because predefined dictation and web-search grammars can be large, and because they are online not on the device , performance might not be as fast as with a custom grammar installed on the device.

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Windows speech recognition engine download

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Windows speech recognition engine download. Download language pack for speech

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